Digital Marketing 7 Core Services

Digital Marketing in Houston Texas AreaDigital Marketing core services consist of:

  1. Web Design – We make sure you web presence, be it new or already developed, is modified to help you in the digital marketing you will participate in the future.
  2. Local SEO – Search Engine Optimization is what helps you appear higher in “organic” searches for your type of products or services. We make you more relevant!
  3. Google Maps – If you own a brick and mortar business, you want to be easily found by people searching for your products and/or services on a map, which google offers on most search results.  This drives traffic to your site and to your “Google Business Site”
  4. PPC – Pay Per Click advertising can be confusing to many.  We get it! We will manage this part for you and give your web site a huge boost in recognition.
  5. Social Media Marketing – Social media is a great way to get your message out to more people AND their friends when they share your products or services with their “Circles of Influence”.  We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YOUTUBE and others that fit your needs.
  6. Reviews and Reputation Guarding – Reviews can make you or break you!  So can not managing your online persona.  Potential customers spend a lot of time reading reviews on a product or services they have not purchased before.  They are looking for what other people have to say and recommend.  IF reviews are bad,they are likely to look elsewhere.  If they are good or stellar they look more carefully.  If you have a perfect score, potential customers may shy away, especially if all the 5 star reviews are new.  A good reputation takes time, responsiveness and good interaction/attention to the questions or communications the potential clients ask.
  7. Email Marketing – Yes, this is part of a good digital marketing plan.  The collecting of emails from potential clients with their permission/submission, allows you to reach out and “touch” them on a consistent basis with tools allowing them to respond or “opt out”.

These above services are critical to your success for one reason!  All you competitors are using them too! If you do not have a Social Media presence then it reflects poorly on your marketing plan.

Video Marketing – This is the fastest growing component in the digital marketing arena.  Video sells better than graphics and the digital capabilities of the Internet allow us to deliver your message in video to a lot more people than in the past.  This is done mostly on Social Media but can also be incorporated into your website and email campaigns

The good thing is these services are offered by most Web Design companies and Marketing Company’s who have embraced the “digital age”!

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Digital Marketing – Do not get left behind because you “didn’t know”!