Digital Marketing in Houston, TexasDigital Marketing in Houston – 3 things you need to know!

Houston Web Designer, Steven Carr, has expanded his online services to include digital marketing and related services.

#1. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is essentially marketing your business, services, products, etc.. on the Internet. It includes your web site, social media, Youtube, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc… and includes text, images and videos to share your message, products and services….read more

# 2. Digital Marketing with Video

Video offers a lot of great options for marketing online., being a “Google” company, allows for indexing of your marketing videos and incorporation of them in your searches,  More companies are getting savvy and know the direct correlation from posting and embedding a Youtube video on their front page and Blog page.  With the proper tagging, a video is quickly indexed and goes to work for you almost immediately, increasing your SEO standings.

Viral videos are also becoming a produced event rather than an accidental happening. Video specialist study the flow of the camera shot, the subject, the action and the end result.  Spend time on TikTok and you see everyone trying to mimic viral videos trying to make their own to become influencers and eventually get paid promoting a product or service.

# 3. Digital Marketing Cost

Most business owners are surprised at the low cost of reaching potential buyers/clients online.  Using Social Media networking and advertising is very cost effective.  It also has the added benefit of increasing your exposure to other sites who can link to you as a resource. We can assist you in setting up accounts on any Social Media Account and show you how easy it is to reach thousands of potential clients you otherwise would not.

We can assist and guide you through the Digital Marketing world, increasing your exposure and increasing awareness AND your bottom line.  Give us a call at 713-553-6212 today!