Digital Storm - Digital Marketing in today's Online EnvironmentThe Digital Storm of Online Marketing

What is the Digital Marketing Storm?

Digital Marketing is the component of Marketing the utilizes and expands a company’s footprint on the Internet, or World Wide Web, reaching and promoting your “Message” to desktop, laptops, iPads, and mobile phones/devices online. This is accomplished with Search Engine Optimization, Online Ad Placements, Social Media Pages and presence and increased content on the traditional web site.

With all the “mediums” of marketing, most companies find the cost of Digital Marketing to be far less expensive and with an ever increasing “footprint” or reach. In today’s online marketing arena, just having a web site is not enough.  Linking to and from search engines and social media effectively increases and magnifies your footprint over night and ever increasingly.

Digital Storm – Social Media publication/promotion

We use several, but not all, social media resources, depending on the marketing goals of the client.  Commonly used are:

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

We might use Pinterest and others depending on the market, product, etc…

I always start a new client off with a good Google Business Page and secure their “place” on the search engine platforms.  For all practical purposes, Google and Bing control much of the traffic in this part of the world. By focusing on being sure our client is well positioned, both in local and national searches (depending on their market) driving the search traffic is very important.  Then, we focus on the “Social Media” footprint to be sure the marketing message and focus is getting “out”and responded to.

This brings us to the different mediums we use to stir up the Digital Storm!

If the customer wants to try to organically grow their “message” and brand, we have established methods we find successful.  The highest on our list is the use of video’s to tell their story and to reach potential customers.  This is a science it’s self because we know “A picture speaks a thousand words BUT a video speaks Millions!”  Video is the leader of getting the word out and it is all about how the video is framed and developed that makes it a success.  This is another Blog in the making.

Image marketing has it’s place in social media as well.  Influencer’s have risen up in each different media space, providing images and brands being “endorsed” by this group and getting published to hundreds of thousands of message boxes with their “approval” of a clothing line, makeup, kitchen gadget, restaurant, etc seeing a boom in activity and translating to measurable traffic.

I have always said, “If you can’t measure it, it does not exist.” Online almost everything in measurable.  You can see where your advertising dollars are working almost in real time.  It is exciting to see a project “blow up” will being watched by the client!

So, enough information shared.  If your company is not on the “Digital Marketing Grab”, call us and we can have you marketing, digitally in a very sort time. Until next time, Good Day!

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