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Houston Digital – Our founder/owner started of his marketing career at age 17, while working for an East Texas Real Estate agency. 

Steven was in charge of marketing the residential and commercial listings for the agency in the local newspaper and other “Real Estate” publications.  By age 18, while working and attending college, he took the Texas Real Estate license exam and obtained his license and REALTOR designation.

Over the years, marketing played an important role in his career as he owned several business’s and participated in ownership in others. 

In the late 1990’s, serving as Executive VP for a startup Internet provider,  he was in charge of all Marketing, Sales and personnel and Public Relations.  Again, marketing drove the sales and the success of the company.

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Now, after developing and owning over 1000 domains during the last 20 years, Steven is sharing his Development, Domain Strategy, marketing and branding expertise with others.  HoustonWebDesigner.com, this site and HoustonBrandingServices.com are all a part of his offering.

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